Welcome to the Pierre Amateur Radio Club Website, otherwise known as SDHAMS

Pierre Repeater Frequencies: 
145.350- PL 146.2 and 146.730- PL 146.2



PARC Club Meetings: The Pierre Amateur Radio Club meets every month. The regular PARC monthly business meeting will be held at 7:00 PM, the 2nd Thursday of every month at fire station #4, 802 N Pierce Ave,  unless posted otherwise. Anyone is welcome to attend.

PARC Club Officers: 

President:                    Dave Dejabet, KE0OZJ

Vice President:            Rich Donahue, K0PIR

Secretary:                    John Opp, N0PIZ

Treasurer:                   Greg Bond, N0NPO

Activities:                     Merlyn Hilmoe, KE0MPH


John Opp, N0PIZ                   Term Expires December 31, 2019

Jim Zaradnacek, KD0S           Term Expires December 31, 2019

Tam Gatje                                   Term Expires December 31, 2019